A Little Bit About Me

I’m sure the following is probably more information than you’ll ever need! But I figured that the “About” page of my own website would be a good place to chronicle some of my own history. Please pardon me if it’s too much.

Introduced to Media

When I met my wife, while in college at Oak Hills Christian College, she introduced me to photography. At the time, she had a film camera - I think it was a Nikon N80. After shooting several rolls of film, and figuring out that it was on the pricey side to get them developed, and realizing the disappointment of shooting an entire roll only to have one turn out, I made the switch to digital… I haven’t shot a single roll of film since then.

Official Training

Working at the Soundboard

TrinitySTUDIOS was originally started as a name for my home recording studio. Actually it began as Trinity Studio, without the final “s”.

In 2004 I graduated from Music-Tech College, now McNally-Smith College of Music, with a degree in Music Recording and Production. Hence the need for a studio name.

After graduation from college, I realized that I was not really interested in making a living as a professional music producer. First, becuase it is a cut-throat industry. If the other guy can make it sound better than you can, he gets the job. Second, aside from moving to Nashville, there just isn’t enough work. As a Christian, I am not interested in recording the local bar bands just to earn money. I want to believe in what I do.

It was during this time that I developed an interest in web-design. I spent many hours learning what it was to write in a computer language. Joanna’s Collections, my mom’s small business website, was the first project I ever worked on.

Un-Official Training

If I ever had a question as to whether God leads in the small details of life, the story of my photography “apprenticeship” is an answer.

Through a variety of situations, circumstances, and details, April and I ended up moving up to the middle of nowhere, Bemidji, MN. April was planning on going back to college, and I was going to look for work and support our family while she finished school.

Like I mentioned before, photography was beginning to become an interest for me. I had a knack for working on the computer, so I thought I’d try and find a place where I could put those two things together.


In the quest to find a job, I walked in to several area photography studios and said: “I have no experience in this area, but would you give me a job?” All of the photographers either looked at me with a blank stare, or said, “We aren’t looking for anyone right now. Check back in about 15 years…” The last studio I walked into was Image Photography. Fully expecting another closed door, I gave my rehearsed spiel. To my suprise, the owner of the studio said, “Yes, I think we can find something for you here.” Needless to say, I was speechless! I later learned that the owner of the studio, Bob Smith, was also the professor of photography at Bemidji State University!

Nearly a full year passed as I was Bob’s right hand man, working with him at weddings, family portraits, high school senior sessions, and sports events. I learned so much!

Camp Forest Springs

Photographing on the High Ropes Course

Even though I enjoyed working with Bob, at Image Photography, both April and I still felt a draw to use our gifts in a full-time ministry. The opportunity was realized as God led us to Camp Forest Springs, to be the Media Specialist. Now I get to use photography, video, web-design and music in a place that is impacting lives for eternity.

Since starting at camp in 2004, I’ve seen quite a few changes in relation to video, web, and photography. It’s an exciting challenge to try and stay current with trends in both the visual as well as the technical areas. It’s a challenge I enjoy.


If you have read all the way to the bottom of this page, you can probably tell why I needed to switch my studio name to its plural form. I enjoy working with several forms of what I call “Digital Art”. Though TrinitySTUDIOS is not my primary occupation, I still find some time to pick up projects here and there. If you have something that you would like to have me work on, go ahead and mosey on over to the contact form and drop me a note.